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- Development and Integration of process control system using CitectSCADA ,         iFIX/FIX   , InTouch

- Programdevelopment in C++/C, Delphi , C#

- Embedded Test and Control system

- Design and programming of machine control system (PLC)

- Service Modular Computers/PEP system (Kontron).
   Spare parts I/O-modules, processor and rack

- Modbus-tcp  Android Mobile app. for testing Modbus TCP

- T-Logg   System for collecting thickness data in a strip mill

- Ect-Lg  System for collecting test data from strip and wire testing equipment

- QUE-Lib Funktion blocks to handle FIFO/LIFO (32bit integer/real ques) in
  Melsec Q-system
Conreg is a company specialized in development and integration
of Test and Control system for industrial processes

Services and Products